We make The BEST out of your Website

Step 1: Website traffic analysis

First we analyze website traffic; how many requests per day, requests per hour, what kind of browsers, different devices (phone, tablet, PC), what part of site is visited the most.

Based on that we get a picture of how busy the site is, what potential is there and what parts of sites needs to be improved.

Step 2: Offering web space for relevant advertising

After traffic analysis we prepare HTML/CSS/JS code for ad insertion. The type of ad to be displayed on the site depends on the site itself. For instance if the site is about golf course then site might advertise golf equipment (i.e. golf bats).

Advertising is done via image insertion. During the site visit there are no cookies or other tracking mechanisms. Also users flow should not be distracted while browsing site (full size popups, 5s delays etc.)

Ad must be relevant, local. Deceptive or flashing gif ads are forbidden.

Step 3: Monetizing ad display space

We put ad space to marketplace. Depending on sites traffic is also price for ad space.

There cloud be one time ad interest (certain event) or long term interest (local hotels, restaurants, grocery shops etc.)

Step 4: Reinvesting profit into website improvements

Every site has potential to be improved.

Usual improvements:
- W3C Validator helps us find programming mistakes so we fix HTML/CSS/JS errors

- Google PageSpeed Insights helps us find what part of site is loading slow and where to focus on our improvements

- Qualys SSL Labs helps us to check if site follows latest security standards and recommendations

- UI/UX improvements in how information is displayed and how workflow is set
- Graphics improvements (logo, images, infographics etc.)
- Website content improvement (better articles, richer media)

These are some of the areas we focus on to invest money into website improvement.

Step 5: More traffic, happier users; win-win

With ad money invested into improving website (clearer interface, no error code, shorter loading time, responsive website, new content on site etc.) there is potential for:
- more users finding your site
- more users visiting your site
- and more users staying on your site

From here on we go back to Step 3 and improve your site even more.

Contact information

Email: info@cidien.com

Phone: 031-533-741